Global brand evolution toolkit

A modern and refreshed outlook for an iconic car leasing brand, driving the future forward.

LeasePlan provides sustainable carefree car mobility. They keep asking themselves: What's next? In this project, together with two other creatives from digital agency, Valtech, we worked for LeasePlan, headquartered in Amsterdam, where we facilitated an abundance of creative workshops to produce the ultimate outcome and achieve one media agnostic brand experience.


The visual identity was up for a refresh and lacked a clear connection to the brand and business strategy. All 29 countries were struggling to create a consistent message in their online and offline communication.

In the discovery phase, we created a new standard of the existing visual style by realigning the assets, changing the rules on how to use them and expanding on the collection. We added a modern touch for the new use cases of their iconic orange journey line, custom typeface and choice of colour.

The toolkit intended to breath new life into the brand and provide a clear direction, envisioning next-level visuals for digital. By doing so, we amplified the existing brand equity meanwhile creating a holistic design framework to empower internal teams and external agencies on a global level.

"The new LeasePlan brand evolution toolkit drives the future forward for the brand. Leveraging its familiar attributes, the brand evolution has a renewed stance that is modern, fresh and digitally relevant."

Selected works

LeasePlanBrand identity

FellowmindWeb design + campaign

Hoya VisionWeb design + system

Engel & VölkersWeb design + art direction