A renewed, modernised and authentic digital language that puts people at the centre of the brand experience.

Fellowmind is a technology company that helps accelerate the digital readiness of customers in various industries by using Microsoft cloud solutions, encouraging agile development, implementing integrated platforms, and assisting end-users to learn and adopt.

Our task was to create ‘One Fellowmind’ through a unified website platform that elevates the brand and its digital presence. Later, we also created a brand awareness campaign to elevate the impact.

The overarching concept lived by the following tonalities: inspirational, inventive, authentic and helpful. This helped form the type of experience we needed to deliver, both visually and functionally, based on the strategic pillars and the brand.

Fellowmind's place in the market was claimed through leadership with solid cases, they were differentiated through an excellent UX, and they earnt the role of 'passionate companion' based on the unique brand identity.

"Fellowmind has now set the stage for a 'connected' technology company. Reinforcing the power of people and connections to create great things."

Selected works

LeasePlanBrand identity

FellowmindWeb design + campaign

Hoya VisionWeb design + system

Engel & VölkersWeb design + art direction